Cook/Food Truck/Restaurant Participation Instructions

Dear Participant 

On behalf of  "Men Who Cook" *& "Dads Who Cook", we are excited and honored to have you again participate in our 18th Annual “Men Who Cook” and 8th Annual "Dads Who Cook" competition.

We, like many residents of Wisconsin, are thrilled that these  events are continuing in Milwaukee and you will make the success even greater. From seasoned salads, the best ribs in town, to homemade ice cream, your interest and willingness to be one of our honored “cooks/chefs” for this community-wide event will surely make history. Our goal is to recruit a minimum of 40 “cooks/chefs.”  To date we are half the way there. If you know of others who might be interested in participating, please have them contact us.

This will be an opportunity to put your culinary skills on display for the entire city to enjoy, while at the same time, creating harmony and a real sense of togetherness.

To aid in the organization of this event, we are requesting your assistance with the following:

•  Complete and return the registration  form indicating ‘cook/chef”  (By August 15th, 2019)

For printing purposes, we ask that you bring to the information/orientation session, the name of your food dish and how you would like to have your information displayed. (PLEASE BE CREATIVE) [I.e., “Victor’s Victorious Veal Parmesan”]

Again, we look forward to your participation and hope that you are getting as excited as we are. If you have any questions regarding the content of this correspondence please do not hesitate to contact me:

“Cooks/Chefs” Responsibility

The intent of this form is to serve as information and confirmation regarding your role as a “cook/chef’ during this scheduled event, and the role of The Wisconsin Black Chamber of Commerce, Inc. Upon receipt of this correspondence, signatures below will demonstrate the willingness and agreement to carry out all expectations of your participation and that of this organization.

It is with clear understanding that cooks are responsible for the following:

Attending one of the scheduled cook specific meetings

Provide sample servings of a food dish/item. You should prepare at least 250 (one ounce) single servings. (Estimated attendance)
Provide all necessities for preparation of purposed dish/item. (I.e., meats, ingredients, etc.)

Provide all necessities for keeping food dish/item at appropriate serving temperature, and containers from which it will be served. (I.e., chafing pans, grills, serving pans, serving utensils, etc.)

“The Wisconsin Black Chamber of Commerce, Inc.” Responsibility

It is with clear understanding that the Wisconsin Black Chamber of Commerce is responsible for the following:

Provide “cooks/chefs” with an event apron and chef hat.
Provide sanitary gloves, etc. for all volunteers and participating “cooks/chefs.”
Provide all eating utensils and condiments for event participants.
Provide volunteers to assist the “cooks/chefs” during the event. (Maintain supplies, collect tickets, assist in serving, etc.)
Provide a limited supply of aluminum serving pans for food/dish items, and serving water.
Provide beverages for event participants.
Provide one table (6-8 ft) with covering and two chairs for each “cook/chef’.
Provide a “letter of agreement” to each “cook/chef’ to authorize a tax deductible contribution of their expenditures during their participation in this event.
(“Cooks/chefs” are responsible/or submitting original receipts of their expenditures.) Due the day of the event.

Please Note:
All food must be ready to be served by 11:00am
All food/dish items must be set up by: 10:45am
If you are cooking on site, arrived by: 10:00am

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